“Why do I need the HCG injections? – Wouldn’t I lose weight anyway on such a low calorie diet?”

We often get asked:  “Why do I need the HCG injections? – Wouldn’t I lose weight anyway on a low calorie diet?”

Some people will lose weight on a very low calorie diet, however there are a number of issues with that approach (especially in the longer term) – and why including HCG avoids these and will improve your outcome – the main 2 being:

1. Adherence to the program

It is very difficult to stick with a very low calorie diet (VLCD) without hunger – and people can often give up or give in and overeat after a while – but even if they don’t they can still feel deprived and miserable the whole time.

2. Muscle loss

When you diet in general you lose 40-50% of the weight as muscle.

This then drops your metabolic rate and sets you up for rebound weight gain (the so called yo-yo diet syndrome)

With the inclusion of HCG most people don’t experience hunger (it takes 48 hours to start to take full effect) – and some have even asked “do I have to eat all of the food on the list?

This is because the HCG allows access your deeper fat stores (your “Fat Bank”as Dr Simeon’s referred to it) which is normally very difficult to access and one of the last places we lose weight (think arm and back fat, stomach, butt and thighs, etc).  Once accessed with HCG, it uses this fat for energy, thus making up your deficit in calories coming in, which is why calories are kept so low (approx 500 calories per day).

The second most important reason why not to undertake a VLCD without HCG is that HCG works as a muscle sparing agent – meaning that you lose almost entirely fat and very little, if any muscle – whereas without the HCG you lose water + muscle along with any fat.

The use of HCG without the VLCD does not work for fat loss – just as the use of a very low calorie diet without HCG does not work as well for fat loss. 

Our head HCG Protocol consultant has had 25+ years working in fat loss and almost 10 years experience with the HCG Diet, so has been able to observe these differences first hand over literally thousands of patients. Many who undergo traditional low calorie diets without HCG end up regaining the weight, whereas with the HCG Diet the success rate for longer term maintenance of the weight loss is far higher.

For example we had a patient who contacted us just recently who had undertaken our program 5 years ago and lost 16kg and has in fact kept it off that whole time -and now decided wants to lose some more. Would you like that to be you?

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