Where to inject HCG for Weigh Loss

HCG for weight loss is administered by Subcutaneous Injection.

Subcutaneous injection is an injection of a solution immediately beneath the skin and is an efficient route of administering many medications, among them insulin - and HCG.

Administering HCG by injection is the primary way to deliver HCG for maximum fat loss, when administered in the correct dose along with a very low calorie diet (VLCD).

The self-injection technique - which is fully explained by your consultant - is quick and easy to master. If you have not self-administered injections previously, be assured that the needle is short and very fine - and the process is quick and easy to master and is practically (if not totally) pain free.

**If for any reason injections are an issue for you, we also offer the same real prescription HCG formulated to be delivered as an Oral Spray.

HCG Injection Timing

HCG Injections need to be administered once per day (for your active 3 or 6 week cycle) and should be done as soon as you wake.

Selecting HCG Injection Site

HCG Injections should be approx. 5cm+ to the right or left of the navel. It is advised to alternate sides. It is more effective if the injection is taken at the same time each day.


Do not inject into an area where there is pain or tenderness. Do not inject in same place with every injection. Continue to inject in the abdomen, however move the site for each injection.

Full instructions will be provided during your consultation and further outlined in your HCG Protocol HCG Diet booklet.