hCG for Males

If the last time you saw your six-pack it looked like this…


or this..


..or even if you have been working out but just can’t get your body fat to the level where all your hard work shows…….then you have come to the right place!


The hCG  Protocol for weight loss is unlike any other program you may have experienced, in its ability to attack abnormal fat and re-contour the body. As the below picture illustrates, under its influence, weight can now start to be shifted from those stubborn areas most prone to fat, like the stomach; without sacrificing hard earned muscle.

Over a 3 week course, males can expect to lose up to 7-10kg+ or up to 15kg+ if a 6 week course is undertaken; depending on how much weight you have to lose. See the Before and After pictures of one of our male patients who lost 11.6kg in just 3 weeks. He has since gone on to lose even more and is now barely recognisable from his "Before" pictures.

Our experienced consultants will guide you through all of the do’s and don’t and will soon have all of your friends and associates asking you how you managed to look so good in such a short amount of time!!

There are certain medical conditions where a male may be prescribed hCG, in addition to its use in weight loss, however it is only when combined with the specific hCG weight loss Protocol that fat loss results.


With the HCG Diet, males tend to lose more weight and often more quickly than females!

Hear it directly from one of our male clients:

“l have always struggled with my weight especially as l have grown older. Going from physical work to a desk job didn’t help. Having a busy lifestyle and eating out often makes dieting difficult.
The hCG diet help me get back to a healthier lifestyle by focusing my attention on portion control and cooking my own meals rather than eating out.
Initially l was concerned with the meal portions but soon found l was enjoying the diet and it has kick started a more balanced approach to food and exercise. The 3 weeks seem to go by very quickly and l was very satisfied with the results.”
Richard C.  44 year old male, Elwood, Victoria  

No, hCG is not a sex hormone. When used for weight loss, it will not make men grow breasts or interfere with their virility nor does it make women grow a facial hair or deepen their voice. hCG is a hormone in the same way that the thyroid, insulin, cortisone, adrenalin etc, are hormones – unrelated to sexual function.

As Dr Simeons so succinctly expressed it in his original manuscript:

It cannot be sufficiently emphasized that HCG is not sex- hormone, that its action is identical in men, women, children and in those cases in which the sex-glands no longer function owing to old age or their surgical removal. The only sexual change it can bring about after puberty is an improvement of a pre existing deficiency. But never stimulation beyond the normal in an indirect way via the anterior pituitary HCG regulates menstruation and facilitates conception, but it never virilizes a woman or feminizes a man. It neither makes men grow breasts nor does it interfere with their virility, though where this was deficient it may improve it. It never makes women grow a beard or develop a gruff voice. I have stressed this point only for the sake of my lay readers, because, it is our daily experience that when patients hear the word hormone they immediately jump to the conclusion that this must have something to do with the sex- sphere. They are not accustomed [sic] to think thyroid insulin, cortisone, adrenalin etc, as hormones. “

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