HCG Diet

Weight loss factors can include starting weight, hydration, muscle mass & hormones..

Amongst the reasons we recommend a HCG based diet are that it works; we’ve seem the results in thousands of clients – and under our HCG Protocol program with medical supervision, it is a safe way to rapidly lose fat. It also helps “re-boot” the body’s metabolism and it’s easy.

We always want to see a change on the scales when we’re doing any weight-loss process, it’s natural – however so much else is going on in the body during a HCG diet program, that the more challenged our body is to start with the more likely we are to have slower weight loss.

YES, on average our clients lose 7-10 kilos of fat in 23 days and 10-14 kilos of fat in 42-day program.

However this is not always a liner scale weight loss of Xkg per day, for the following reasons:

Chronically dehydrated people will lose less “scale” weight as they re-hydrate throughout the process – this however does not means that you are not losing fat.

Chronically under-muscle-massed people (about 40%) will gain muscle mass and also re-hydrate throughout the process thereby losing less weight on the scale but fat loss will still be as predicted, as can be noticed in shrinking size/measurements.

Those with chronic diseases/low thyroid states may find initial loss slower than the average – but it will happen.

If you are not having regular bowel movements you may find that your “scale” weight stops, or can even show a gain. In this instance follow our advise recommended in your patient manual.

Hormone imbalances may also impact on your weight loss; for instance those who are high estrogen find that the HCG tends to cause or increase water retention. If this is the case for you, and is on-going for few days, then may be addressed by undertaking an Apple Day.

So the message is – don’t become annoyed at the number on the scales as that is only one guide as to what is happening within your body – which is a sum of fat loss + muscle gain + fluid changes + bowel movements + hormones.

With our high quality HCG, in the correct dose, and by you following the HCG Diet as prescribed, you will achieve your goals!

A good aid is to measure fat percentage/muscle mass levels – that way you will KNOW what is going on in the body. Knowledge is power and gives us motivation. The better balanced your body is:  muscles, hydration, muscle quality and hormonal balance – the more fat loss you’ll achieve throughout any diet process, even more so with the HCG Diet we have designed.

HCG induced fat loss is only one component of the HCG Protocol program for balancing the body. The specifically compounded pharmaceutical grade dietary supplements included in our HCG Protocol program, very low calorie diet and advice and support of your consultant are all equally important to you succeeding in achieving your weight goals effectively and safely.

If for any reason you have not lost any weight for 3 consecutive days, contact your consultant so that we can assess in relation to any of the above, and then advise appropriate action to get you back on track.