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As HCG Protocol is a medical S4 prescription product, legislative changes no longer allow written testimonials from our happy customers about their weight loss success. We respect the privacy of all our patients and only display before and after pictures of those who have given their written permission. As we are sure you understand many wish to retain confidentiality, thus we cannot show a full gallery of the thousands of successful weight loss stories.

Male, Melbourne, Victoria  - 11.6kg loss in 3 weeks

Male, Melbourne, Victoria  - 2014 - 3 week program

Typical weight loss is 5-7kg with 3 weeks on the HCG Diet, however males do then to lose more, with this patient losing 8+kg in that time.
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Female, 50 Years Old, Melbourne, Victoria





Robert W, Male, 30 Years Old, Melbourne, Victoria  November 2013


Female, 50 Years Old, June/July 2019 

I had put on weight gradually over the years, probably due to chronic low-level stress and ageing.


I had reached an age where I could no longer exercise at the intensity and duration I used to, and my job was sedentary as well.


I had tried appropriate diet and exercise and it had minimal impact. My setpoint had changed and I know that to change that back, without HCG, would have been a very long and very uncomfortable process. The thing is that my lifestyle did not permit this.


I could not continue to function properly at work and undertake months and months of strict diet and exercise - and the concurrent discomfort associated with resetting my setpoint.


HCG let me achieve this in a matter of 2 weeks!!! Yes, there is a little hunger, but no worse than you usually get around mealtimes normally. I realised how much of my eating was emotionally and habit-driven, too.


I feel amazing! My clothes all fit again and I'm enjoying shopping for new clothes. I can move normally again, and not feel that body fat is impacting on my movements.


I'm so grateful this program exists!!!


*patients pictured have given their written permission to allow their photos to be displayed.