Will the HCG Diet help me lose weight from a specific area?

 Often when people go on a rapid fat loss diet the weight lost is first from their face, then their breasts, then works it way down, with the bits you often want to lose, like buttock, thighs, stomach etc are the last and most stubborn.

So just because you hold the most fat somewhere, does not mean that these are the first areas to reduce – in fact the opposite is often true – where you tend to lose weight from non-storage areas first.

HOWEVER, it is actually the reverse with the HCG diet: it specifically targets these storage areas! You tend to lose fat primarily from areas such as the stomach, thighs, upper arms and upper back/love handles, etc.

Further, HCG helps maintain your muscle whilst dieting .The importance of retaining muscle is 2 fold:

  1. Muscle is vital in a healthy high functioning metabolism.

If your metabolism slows, then your body will only require a smaller number of calories in the longer term, so it is very easy to put weight back on i.e. yo/yo dieting syndrome that you may have heard of or be suffering form yourself.

  1. Muscle is required for structural support

When you diet in general (without HCG) you can lose 40-50% of the weight as muscle – so sure, you may lose weight, but if you lose too much muscle, you will not be able to achieve a fit/toned look.

You may have heard the term “skinny fat” – this is when someone doesn’t carry a lot of fat, but their skin is soft and or saggy. This can be because they have lost weigh using traditional calorie restriction dieting methods and or do not exercise.

HCG specifically targets fat storage and in the process helps retain vital muscle –without the need for exercise.

Our head HCG Protocol consultant has had 25+ years working in fat loss and almost 10 years experience with the HCG Diet, so has been able to observe these differences first hand over literally thousands of patients. Many who undergo traditional low calorie diets without HCG end up regaining the weight, whereas with the HCG Diet the success rate for longer term maintenance of the weight loss is far higher.

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