As recently reported on CBS News, the diet/weight loss industry has an annual turn-over in excess of $35 BILLION dollars–and quite rightly has some asking if weight loss is really their goal? Some estimates indicate more than 80 percent of people who have lost weight regain all of it, or more, after two years.

Each time some celebrity shows up in the news fans have to wonder how long will it be before they are struggling with their weight again. The fact that celebrities such as Kirsty Alley, Jessica Simpson, Oprah Winfrey, etc, who have financial resources most of us could only dream about, still can’t lose weight and keep – it off shows what a formidable challenge it is.

That is where the HCG diet has an upper hand. It works specifically on targeting “abnormal” fat (those extra pockets of fat that seem to appear out of nowhere on our stomach, buttocks thighs and upper arms – and no amount of diet or exercise seem to shift!) – whilst helping to preserve your muscle. HCG also is believed to work at the level of the hypothalamus, which controls how much fat you store and where you store it, so is one of the keys to keeping the fat off in the longer term.

HCG Protocol is a doctor prescribed and monitored, medically supervised weight loss program and we work with you to get the most out of your weight loss program by also identifying any health problems, such as with adrenal glands, liver function, metabolism and thyroid, or other hormone disorders.  Each person varies with what their body needs so HCG Protocol have created a comprehensive health assessment questionnaire to determine each patient’s individual needs.

The HCG Protocol uses real HCG hormone treatment – either injections or oral spray – along with the HCG specified very low calorie diet (VLCD), and a range of supplements to help support your body during the rapid fat loss – which can also be a time of cleansing/detox, as our bodies often store toxic waste in our fat cells.

During a 3 week course of the HCG Protocol the typical weight loss is up to 7kg, which is a great way to either shed those pesky KGs that stop you enjoying life to the full and have you always thinking about what you can and cannot have, or can be a jump start to a greater weigh loss goal. Those who have more to lose can undertake a 6 week program on which they can expect to use up to 14kg, before requiring a 6 week break, to prevent the body building immunity to its effect.

Many companies have changed the diet to make it seem more appealing to their clients; however, any change to the diet could potentially lessen your weight loss results, so following the original plan will increase your success.

The changes in your body you’ve been wishing and hoping for can finally be realised.

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