Whilst from habit many of us reach for our regular coffee or black tea, there are a number of alternate teas that will help boost your energy and support your weight loss efforts.

Organic Green Tea

Popular for over fifty centuries in China and India before taking the world by storm, green tea is now the second most consumed drink, right behind water.

Perfect for dieters, green tea has catechins that are thought to suppress fat (lipid) absorption in your body. Black tea is fermented, while green tea is unfermented leaving the catechins natural and more beneficial. Green tea helps provide luminous skin by promoting collagen production in your body, creating that special “elasticity” that makes your skin more supple and youthful.

Organic Green tea has many other purported health benefits, including being known as a powerful antioxidant and metabolism booster, helping to promote weight loss and increase stamina. Organic Green tea can also help fight cancer, treat rheumatoid arthritis and help reduce cholesterol. Green tea also acts as an appetite suppressant by turning off the signal that tell you you’re hungry.

Organic Yerba Mate Tea

Organic Yerba Mate tea has a relaxing effect on muscles along with assisting in appetite control. Yerba Mate tea has been shown help reduce obesity and lowers LDL-cholesterol.

Organic Chamomile Tea

Organic Chamomile tea has been recognized historically for its calming effect on the mind body and spirit. Effective in stress relief and as a muscle relaxant organic chamomile tea contains glycine, an amino acid the produces the muscle relaxation and also has a mild sedative effect. Organic chamomile tea can be a welcome aid to the ease and success of your HCG program.

Organic Chamomile tea also boots the immune system thus helping to fight off colds and infections.

 Oo-Long Tea

Oo-Long tea is also known for its antioxidant benefits and has a good reputation to aid in losing weight by burning fat, increasing metabolism and an added benefit of blocking dietary fat absorption. Although you do not ingest fat while on the hCG diet protocol, it can help burn stored body fat.

As we are heading into the warmer months you may prefer a cool drink – so just add ice and a little stevia for a refreshing ice tea.

There are many health benefits of tea, so give these a try and see for yourself what a difference they can make.



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