This is a question that we frequently get asked, so hoping to clarify for anyone who is considering undertaking the HCG Protocol for fat loss and trying to unravel the differences.

In late 2011 the FDA in the USA – and not too long after that the TGA in Australia – instituted legislation regarding sale of ”homeopathic” HCG (most commonly marketed as HCG Drops). This has resulted in HCG “Drop” companies being forced to reformulate, now offering new products that are made up of numerous amino acids and/or herbal supplements (i.e. no sign of any HCG).

One of the key reasons this has occurred is because there is no real homeopathic version of HCG i.e. it is not a listed ingredient in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia.

The other issue is because the homeopathic HCG drop concept was a complete departure from the original Dr Simeons protocol, which was very strict and explicitly called for “injectable” HCG…….yet these companies were still claiming the drops offered all of the same weight loss benefits as the real HCG hormone.

Without the action of real HCG, the body’s response to the diet, both in the short and long–term can be quite different. Especially on a very low calorie diet (VLCD) instead of allowing your body to access its fat reserves for the deficit in calories for its needed nutrition/energy – you may instead just be getting some herbal supplements and appetite suppressants, which can result in unwanted metabolic changes/yo-yo diet syndrome – where your body has a rebound weight gain to compensate.

HCG Protocol offers the real hormone, in injectable form – doctor prescribed and monitored and the same as that used by Dr Simeons in his original research and subsequent treatment of thousands of overweight and obese patients. It is suitable for both males and females and whilst individual results do vary, patients typically lose 5-7kg in a 3-week cycle.

Because of these reasons, real prescription HCG is the best way to safely and successfully undertake the HCG diet.

You have the choice of appointment at one of our 3 clinic locations in Melbourne: Port Melbourne, Oakleigh and St Kilda Road  – or we also offer our program Australia-wide with consultations by Skype and your product sent out to you by courier in a medical cold pack.

Getting started is easy, just call us on 0405 505 498 or complete our on-line Evaluation form.

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