Weight Loss Maintenance

Due to the way that hCG is believed to work at the level of your hypothalamus and metabolism, you will find that maintaining your weight loss after an active hCG diet cycle is easier than any other program you may have tried previously. Infact it may be possible to lock the results in for the longer term, to keep the weight off permanently.

You just need to follow these final crucial steps to consolidate your results:

  1. Follow the VLCD for a further 3 days at the end of your active cycle
  2. Avoid all sweets and starches for 3 weeks
  3. Weigh yourself daily – and take immediate action if you see a gain!

Follow the VLCD for a further 3 days at the end of your active cycle

Once you complete the active hCG Protocol weight loss cycle, you will remain on the VLCD for a further 72 hours, to ensure that any remaining hCG is no longer circulating in your system. Do not be concerned, as your appetite will still remain low with the circulating hCG still continuing to redirect that nourishment and energy is taken from your body.

In the instance where you may have reached your goal weight or fat loss “set point” before these 3 days, your consultant may discuss options to increase your calorie intake slightly–however this must be personalised on an individual basis and closely monitored so that we can ensure all appropriate action is still taken to lock in your weight loss.

Avoid all sweets and starches for 3 weeks

Now that you have achieved so much with your weight loss in such a short period of time, it is time to lock it in for the longer term!

After your final days on the VLCD, you will return to normal calorie intake, however should concentrate on foods that are high in protein. This is especially important as when on the active hCG cycle your body was providing the levels of protein needed, however, immediately its effects are no longer in your body, you will be on he verge of protein deficiency if you do not immediately increase your intake; otherwise could lead to hunger, irritability or water retention.

During these 3 weeks you may also begin to introduce fats such as nuts, nut butters, olive oil, flax seed oil, avocado and small amounts of dairy and cheese (be careful as high salt in some processed cheeses can result in fluid retention), vegetables and fruits.

The main fruits to avoid are those that are very sweet, such as pineapple or mango, or starchy vegetables such as potatoes,  corn or beans.

Other foods that MUST BE AVOIDED during this 3 weeks to lock in your weight loss are all types of breads and pastas, lollies, cakes and sweets. Try to also avoid processed food. Continuing to eat real whole food will not only lock in your weight loss, it will also be a bonus to boost to your overall health.


Contrary to what you may think, once you have completed the active hCG cycle, continuing on a low calorie intake could cause weight gain. It takes about 3 weeks before the weight loss reached at the end of the program stabalises.










Weigh yourself daily–and take immediate action if you see a gain!

First thing upon awakening each morning (after emptying your bladder) jump on the scales. Please also only weight yourself once during the day–the body goes through fluctuations once food and water are ingested, or after exercise etc, so it is best to stick with this as an early morning ritual.

If your weight is within 1kg of your end weight, then no need  for concern.


If however your weight is 1kg or more over your end weight, then you should  consider a Steak Day.

A Steak Day is designed to bring your body back to its new set weight, established after your weight loss–however, to work effectively, absolutely MUST be the same day you notice your increase in weight.

A Steak day consists of drinking only water and tea or coffee throughout the day (as much as you like–infact increased water intake is highly recommended) –then any time from around 4-6pm eat a large steak with either one apple or one large raw tomato–AND NOTHING ELSE.

Upon weighting yourself the next morning you will see that everything is back to normal, infact those that still have some weight to lose have even experienced a further small loss after a Steak day.

With these 3 simple strategies, you will find that maintaining your weight loss for the longer term may indeed be possible.