HCG Protocol offer a doctor prescribed and monitored rapid weight loss program, which use prescription HCG, available as both injections and as a sub-lingual spray.

The injection form requires a very small insulin needle and is practically painless. It is drawn up from the supplied vial an injected once a day. The spray is sprayed under the tongue twice a day and is suitable for anyone who has no prior experience or issues with injections. Our patients have had equally successful weight loss results with both methods.

The spray does however differ from the HCG “Drops” that you may see, which have little or no actual HCG.

It is important to note that the original Dr Simeons Protocol used prescription HCG and all of his findings were based on this formulation and method. He trialled it upon literally thousands of patients to establish its effects on weight loss during the active course and then the after effects on longer term metabolism.

There is no such data available on HCG Drops/Shots – in fact with the FDA in the US and the TGA here in Australia having banned the sales of homeopathic HCG drops, those who have persisted have re-formulated with no actual HCG at all. They instead use a combination of amino acids and appetite suppressants, etc but many still promote as HCG. One formulation we saw recently has the following ingredients:

Activators (non hormonal)
BioEnergetic frequencies of HCG, plus the following homeopathic multiple potencies;
– L carnitine
– Ornithine
– -Arginine
– in Ethanol (alcohol)

Whist some of the amino acids do help in a small way to promote fat loss, they are of themselves not able to act in any where near the same way as the “real” prescription HCG.

For those who are interested, a copy of the original Dr Simeons manuscript is available by clicking here: Dr Simeons Pounds and Inches A New Approach to Obesity

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