HCG Diet Vs Gastric Bypass Surgery

What are the benefits of hCG Protocol Diet Weight Loss vs. Bariatric Surgery (or post bariatric surgery)?

Overcoming obesity is definitely a challenge, as being overweight affects people both emotionally and physically and typically leads to a host of medical conditions and diseases, many of which can be minimised or avoided by weight loss.

In the years approaching/during/after menopause/or women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) etc, can find it increasingly difficult to lose weight – and can even find they gain weight unexpectedly without changing their activity levels or increasing their energy intake.

This is why many who have tried almost everything, with little or no success, resort to bariatric surgery – or as it is commonly referred to – gastric banding.

Gastric banding definitely has its benefits for many patients, but it is not without risks – in some cases, extremely serious, with documented complications include bleeding, infections, blockage or damage to the bowel, blood clots. Also after gastric banding surgery, the patient must only consume very small portions in one sitting and follow a specific diet to ensure that they do not develop vitamin and/or mineral deficiencies due to the severe food volume restriction.

Gastric Banding is a long-term solution, but as a result people may lose energy, drive and feel deprived of one of life’s simple pleasures – eating foods that you love and taste great.

Unlike bariatric surgery, the hCG Diet for fat loss is relatively easy, and offers fast results: When carried out under medical supervision, it is also very safe and overweight patients can lose as much as 10-15kg+ per month. At the correct dosage along with a VLCD (very low calorie diet) hCG causes the body to make up energy deficits from fat stores, patients experience minimal or no feelings of hunger.

The HCG Protocol hCG Diet is far less intrusive than gastric banding surgery – however weight is still lost rapidly, and can be on-going if consecutive 3 or 6 week courses are undertaken. A minimum of 6-week break in-between is required to ensure that the body does not build tolerance to the effects of the hCG and the very low calorie diet.

For those who have been debating gastric surgery, be sure to contact us at HCG Protocol to discuss with our weight loss experts how the hCG diet can offer you a safe and effective alternative. Alternatively, you can simply complete our Evaluation Form and one of our consultants will contact you.

If you have already had gastric banding and it has not offered you the results you expected or you have started to gain the weight back, then the hCG diet also offers you an alternative. Under medical supervision you can undertake a nutritionally balanced approach to rapid fat loss to help re-gain your health and energy for life.

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