Chronic muscular/skeletal issues go hand-in-hand with WEIGHT GAIN

If you are struggling with chronic muscular/skeletal issues (and subsequent weight gain) we can help you improve outcome of your other pain management/treatments and BMI through our HCG RAPID FAT LOSS program – (which does not require exercise).


Weight is lost rapidly, so you don’t need to go on a lengthy diet or need to exercise for the program to be successful, making it perfectly suited if you have bone or joint issues or injuries.

Individual results vary, however we typically see weight loss between 5-7kg in 3 weeks – with some losing up to 8-10+kg in that time. This amount of fat loss can go a long way to improving chronic muscular/skeletal issues.

Our HCG Rapid Fat Loss Program is under the care of an experienced doctor. If you want to see if the program is right for you, simply call us on 0405 505 498 to book a consultation.

Or complete our on-line evaluation form and a consultant will call you to discuss your specific situation:

Consultations are free of charge and obligation free and available anywhere Australia-wide.