Success Stories

As HCG Protocol use a medical S4 prescription product, legislation restricts us providing written testimonials from our happy customers about their weight loss success. Also as we respect the privacy of all our patients, we only display before and after pictures of those who have given their written permission. As we are sure you understand many wish to remain confidential, thus we are not able to show the full gallery of our thousands of weight loss success stories. 
 Male, 35, Melbourne, Victoria  – July 2017 – 3 week program – 11.6kg loss
Male, Melbourne, Victoria  - 2014 - 3 week program

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Female, 50 Years Old, Melbourne, Victoria
Robert W, Male, 30 Years Old, Melbourne, Victoria  November 2013
*Patients pictured have given their written permission to allow photos of their Before & After HCG PROTOCOL hCG Diet Fat loss to be displayed.