Vit-B active serum

Oil Free Skin Care treatment and moisturiser

Size: 30ml

To optimise weight loss results whilst undergoing the active hCG cycle, it is mandatory to not only refrain from internally injesting fats or oils –it is also recommended you restrict the use of oil from external sources, such as your skin care and make up.

Synergie Minerals

Synergie Minerals, pride themselves in not only having highest grade active ingredients, but also those that are scientifically effective free of any toxic substances, so that you can be sure that in selecting Vitamin B active serum it meets all of the required criteria for your weight loss and health goals:

  • Oil Free

  • High grade active ingredients

  • Beautiful to use with visible results

  • No questionable substances

  • No Parabens, No Artificial colors or fragrances, no mineral oil, no SLS, No PEG or Propylene glycol

Vitamin B active serum

Vitamin B serum contains Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), the latest multi-tasking cosmeceutical designed to rejuvenate and strengthen skin. Vitamin B serum is indicated for a broad range of skin conditions, such as dehydration, blemishes, pigmentation and dull, lifeless skin. You may have read latest scientific research which advocates the most effective skin care routines include Vitamin A and C and in the most stable and bioavailable forms. Scientist have now discovered however that Niacinamide should be added to this list of daily “essentials”. You don’t have to give up everything just because you are on your journey to a new you! Use with confidence as part of your daily and/or nightly skin care ritual.

Price: $110.00

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